888 Online Casino Review - 1400$ Bonus

888 Online Casino Review | English

Online gambling now has become easy with many choices of popular online casinos available for players like you. One such casino is the 888 Casino, which offers an incredible array of casino games ranging from poker to video slots and basic slots to video roulette for all casino players. Even table game lovers will find something interesting to play here as this casino offers online Baccarat, Blackjack, and Jacks. That’s not it. The 888 casino also offers some lucrative bonus, especially for its players. Here is a list of bonuses offered by the 888 casino.

Welcome/First Deposit bonus:

Each player is eligible for a welcome bonus after they sign up with 888 Casino. This is a promotion for all players joining 888 Casino. This attractive bonus pays up to 100% of the initial deposit amount that the player pays. Each player can make the best use of this offer by signing up and receiving the bonus instantly. This bonus can be used for playing all types of table games in the casino. The bonus is paid in local currency. However, players can convert it based on their need. This promotion is undoubtedly very tempting.

Slot Game bonus:

During certain seasons, the casino also introduces slot game bonuses. This, as the name suggests, is exclusively for slot play. Players at 888 Casino can make use of this bonus money only to play an array of slot games at the casino. However, the slot games bonus is not very attractive in contrast to other bonuses offered by this casino.

Happy Hour Bonus:

Enjoy the Happy Hour bonus whenever the casino introduces the happy hour game play. This bonus can be monthly or once in 12 months. Guests can expect to receive up to 10% of bonus during Happy hour events.

Comp points:

This is also a very lucrative bonus for all casino players. For every $10 you spend on playing, you receive some Comp points. When you collect 100 points, you can convert it to $1. This is a very good offer for those who spend hours in playing at a casino. The Casino-on-Net offer allows each player to sign up for receiving and collecting comp points. Although this bonus doesn’t seem very profitable for many, it is a good way to redeem dollars for points that you gain during your game play.


888 Casino also introduces tournaments from time to time. These are exclusively for table games only. Those playing Black Jack, Roulette, and Crazy Keno can utilize this offer and enjoy receiving some bonus. To participate in tournaments, players need to sign up with the casino and start playing games.

Bonus codes:

Players can also make use of bonus codes to receive some bonus from the casino during their game play. These codes are sent out to each player during weekly and monthly promotions.


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